Busan Neighborhoods • Busan Station

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Busan Station Pictures

by Parent on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:56 am

A few pictures nearby the Busan high-speed train station and the nearby chinese/russian town.

Map of Busan Station neighborhood.

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Map of Busan Station. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Busan Station Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods Nearby Busan Station - Pictures by Parent

Busan Tower Neighborhood by Parent. A few pictures of the park nearby Busan.. Distance from Busan Station: 1.8km SSW, 8 pictures.

Gukje Market Neighborhood by Parent. Some pictures taken within the Gukje market area, a couple of hundred meters west of Nampo-dong. The Gukje market abounds with all sorts of brick-a-brac with lots of russian, japanese, chinese, and south-east asian.. Distance from Busan Station: 1.9km SSW, 14 pictures.

Nampo-dong Neighborhood by Parent. The Gwangbok-dong, Nampo-dong, and Jungang-dong areas form the old central business district with many offices, cafes, bars, shops and restaurants. Some of the restaurants in this district are locally famous with family recipes.. Distance from Busan Station: 1.9km SSW, 36 pictures.

Jagalchi Market Neighborhood by Parent. The Jagalchi fish market is a small market nearby.. Distance from Busan Station: 2.2km SSW, 5 pictures.