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Keage Station Pictures

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The Keage Station is located near one end of the Philosophers Walk(pics) neighborhood.

Map of Keage Station neighborhood.

How to get to Keage Station Neighborhood

Keage station.
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Map of Keage Station. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Keage Station Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods Nearby Keage Station - Pictures by Parent

Philosophers Walk Neighborhood by Parent. The Philosopher's Walk (tetsugakunomichi) is a cherry-tree lined 2 km road. Its name originated from Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida who used to walk on this path to.. Distance from Keage Station: 1.5km NNE, 26 pictures.

Kiyomizu Neighborhood by Parent. The Kiyomizu temple area is a must-see when visiting Kyoto. The temple dates back to 798, but the present buildings were constructed in 1633. The temple takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the.. Distance from Keage Station: 1.5km SSW, 19 pictures.

Kawaramachi Neighborhood by Parent. The area around Kawaramachi station is one of the commercial centers of Kyoto with the real estate around the station being one of the most valuable in the city. The pictures were also taken nearby in the Shijo Kawaramachi.. Distance from Keage Station: 2km W, 19 pictures.

Ginkakuji Neighborhood by Parent. Ginkakuji in chinese character is written as 銀閣寺 (銀:Gin,silver 閣:Kaku,pavillion 寺:Ji,temple) and means the temple of the Silver Pavillion. It was built in 1474 by Ashikaga.. Distance from Keage Station: 2.2km NNE, 18 pictures.

Gojo Station Neighborhood by Parent. There's nothing too special in this area -- we walked through it when going to the Kinkakuji.. Distance from Keage Station: 3km SWW, 9 pictures.

Kyoto Station Neighborhood by Parent. Some pictures taken of the area nearby Kyoto Station as well as some pics within the station.. Distance from Keage Station: 3.6km SW, 7 pictures.