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Boramae Pictures

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Boramae is the downtown of Gwanak-gu and one of the many skyscraper clusters of Seoul.

Map of Boramae neighborhood.

How to get to Boramae Neighborhood

Sillim station on line #2.
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Map of Boramae. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Boramae Neighborhood.


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Sillim Neighborhood by Parent. Sillim or Shinlim is a nightlife neighborhood within a 10 minute bus ride of the SNU Campus. Shinlim is the sino-korean pronunciation of the chinese characters 新林, and means "new.. Distance from Boramae: 0.9km SSE, 8 pictures.

Sillim Neighborhood by Parent. Sillim (pronounced Shin-Lim) is an entertainment district nearby the front gate of the Seoul National University. Shin means new and Lim means forest, but there's no forest.. Distance from Boramae: 0.9km SSE, 17 pictures.

Bongcheon Neighborhood by Parent. Bongcheon dong used to be a neighborhood with rather subpar accomodation. It has changed quite much in the last 20 years but still today it has a bit of a bad reputation. It's nonetheless a fine place in most.. Distance from Boramae: 2km SEE, 42 pictures.

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Yeouido Neighborhood by Parent. Yeouido is an island on the Han river. Its name corresponds to the sino-korean pronunciation of 汝矣島 which "You can have it (Useless) Island". The name is believed to originate from the island being often.. Distance from Boramae: 3.7km N, 36 pictures.

Nakseongdae Neighborhood by Parent. Nakseongdae is a middle-to-upper class residential district in Gwanak-gu located nearby the Seoul National Nakseongdae (落星垈) means 'the site of the fallen star'. It refers to the birthplace of the great Goryeo g.. Distance from Boramae: 3.8km SEE, 5 pictures.