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Iriya Pictures

by Parent on Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:45 am

Located in Taito-ku nearby Iriya Station, Iriya is a middle-class residential neighborhood.

Map of Iriya neighborhood.

How to get to Iriya Neighborhood

Iriya station.
Map of Iriya. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Iriya Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods Nearby Iriya - Pictures by Parent

Asakusa Neighborhood by Parent. One of Tokyo's historical districts, Asakusa abounds with traditional japanese restaurants, a temple, gardens, tea shops, and a traditional japanese shopping Another historical district within Tokyo which is a bit sim.. Distance from Iriya: 1km SE, 14 pictures.

Asakusa Neighborhood by Parent. A few pictures of Asakusa taken in October 2005 under cloudy/rainy.. Distance from Iriya: 1km SE, 18 pictures.

Ueno Neighborhood by Parent. During the 60s or 70s, the Ueno station area used to have somewhat of a bad reputation due to the people living there being generally unsophisticated blue-collars. The Ueno residents most often came from the northern prefectures.. Distance from Iriya: 1km SWW, 22 pictures.

Minowa Neighborhood by Parent. Located north of Asakusa, Minowa is a residential district a bit below the Tokyo average in Taito-ku and Arakawa-ku. It is famous for the red-light area known as Senzoku Yonchome. The latter used to be the famous Yoshiwara in.. Distance from Iriya: 1.2km N, 21 pictures.

Ueno Park Neighborhood by Parent. While not too large in area, Ueno Park is nicely manicured and offers a beautiful pond. The residential areas around the park are not too expensive to live with the rent being the Tokyo average (typically 80000 yens/month for a.. Distance from Iriya: 1.3km W, 5 pictures.

Kuramae Neighborhood by Parent. Located in Taito ward near Asakusa, Kuramae is a mix of residential back alleys and office buildings. Kuramae is also within a 10 minute walk of the Ryogoku neighborhood which is most famous in Tokyo for its Kokugikan sumo.. Distance from Iriya: 1.6km S, 6 pictures.

Okachimachi Neighborhood by Parent. Okachimachi is the biggest and most famous permanent open-air market in Tokyo. From Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci belts to Yakitori meals on the street, anything can be.. Distance from Iriya: 1.7km SW, 20 pictures.