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Yorkdale Pictures

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Yorkdale Shopping Centre is an upscale shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has over 240 stores. It is located in the community of Downsview in the former City of North York, a former suburb of Toronto. It is the fifth largest shopping mall in Canada. Yorkdale also enjoys the highest sales per square foot of any mall in Canada, with current merchandise sales levels at approximately $1000(CAD)/square foot. The centre draws in approximately 400,000 customers a week, is Canada's oldest enclosed shopping centre, and is the fifth largest interior shopping district in Canada. At the time of its opening it was the largest shopping centre in the world. The mall opened on February 26, 1964, and generated a considerable amount of excitement when it first opened. Before large suburban malls like Yorkdale became popular, most people in the Toronto area did their major shopping downtown. Yorkdale was at the edge of the urbanized city, with only farmland around it.

Map of Yorkdale neighborhood.

How to get to Yorkdale Neighborhood

Yorkdale subway stop on the Yonge-University-Spadina line.
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