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Author: Parent     Date pictures taken: March 2006     City: Tsukuba     Country: Japan      Pictures Attached: 7     Pictures License: Copyrighted Free Use - Requires Attribution - Allows Commercial Reuse and Derivative Works     Neighborhood Type: Tsukuba Shopping District

Kenkyugakoen Pictures

by Parent on Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:08 am

I believe these pictures were taken nearby Genkyukakoen (or Kenkyukakoen) station, in downtown Tsukuba(pics). Since 2004, a train links Genkyukakoen to Tokyo: the travelling time is 60 minutes and the cost 1000 yens.

Map of Kenkyugakoen neighborhood.

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Map of Kenkyugakoen. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Kenkyugakoen Neighborhood.


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