Niigata Neighborhoods • Shinano River

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Shinano River Pictures

by Parent on Sat Nov 03, 2007 6:04 pm

Some pics taken nearby the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan(pics).

Map of Shinano River. Satellite photograph of neighborhood, Niigata city.

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Map of Shinano River. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Shinano River Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods Nearby Shinano River - Pictures by Parent

Honmachi Neighborhood by Parent. Honmachi is the major downtown area of Niigata city. Lots of restaurants and bars, and a red-light district as well in the Nishibori Mai area located a bit north of the main.. Distance from Shinano River: 0.5km NW, 28 pictures.

Niigata Station Neighborhood by Parent. This is the downtown area of Niigata city, located in between the train station and the Shinano river. It covers the areas of Higashi Odori, benten, and.. Distance from Shinano River: 0.9km SE, 14 pictures.

Niigata Tower Neighborhood by Parent. Some pictures within the Niigata Tower observation deck and the neighborhood surrounding.. Distance from Shinano River: 1.5km NWW, 7 pictures.