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Yokohama Station Pictures

by Parent on Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:12 am

A few pics taken nearby Yokohama Station and on a cruise on the Tokyo Bay.

Map of Yokohama Station neighborhood.

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Map of Yokohama Station. Pictures by Parent within 4 kilometers of Yokohama Station Neighborhood.


Neighborhoods Nearby Yokohama Station - Pictures by Parent

Sakuramicho Neighborhood by Parent. Many pictures of the famous neighborhood of Yokohama: Sakuramicho. Here we can find the Yokohama Landmark tower, the large wheel, and the Queen's.. Distance from Yokohama Station: 1.6km SSE, 29 pictures.

Yamashita Park Neighborhood by Parent. Yamashita Koe (Koe means Park) was opened in 1930, created using rubble from the 1923 Great Kanto.. Distance from Yokohama Station: 3.3km SE, 9 pictures.

Chinatown Neighborhood by Parent. The Yokohama Chinatown is perhaps the chinatown which has the fewest chinese people or store/restaurant owners worldwide LOL. You'll see very few on the streets or even working here. But anyhow, the neighborhood is super lively.. Distance from Yokohama Station: 3.5km SE, 27 pictures.

Motomachi Neighborhood by Parent. Motomachi consists mainly of the Motomachi Shopping Street, a five-block long stretch of boutiques and shops, well known in Japan for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, original fashion, and western.. Distance from Yokohama Station: 3.7km SSE, 13 pictures.